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Saturday, November 19, 2011

T-ara - "Cry Cry"

✄░ Assalamualaikum pelayar alam maya?? ღ Nemo Sudah Nak buka Mulut?? ✫

kat sini nak ajak u all.. tgk video ni.. baru lagi..
sedih jugak cerita sebalik video ni..
thankz Ana knal kn video ni..

review and description about T-ara's Cry Cry MV.

Let's introduce main characters inside the video. :)


1) ChaSeungWon (Attashi), he's a detective. 10 years ago, he had this mission to catch the Head Of Mobster.

2) One of the helper of the mobster saw them.
3) The man then quickly catch one of the police to threaten Cha SeungWon.

4) He successfully get away from the police and detective.

5) After that, SeungWon found the head of mobster.
6) The head surrendered.
7) The head sneak a peak to the right and slowly move downwards. SeungWon thought that he wanted to take out his gun. SeungWon quickly shoot his head.

8) SeungWon was wrong. He wasn't trying to take a gun out, but to protect his daughter. Her daughter saw her father being shot, she was crying and shouting "father! father!"

9) 10 years later, SeungWon is still a detective, but with a new helper, name as Jiyeon.

10) Jiyeon is really a good helper, she helped SeungWon (Attashi) to take down bad people.

11 & 12) One day, SeungWon & Jiyeon found a new target criminal. Jiyeon used a camera to record a suspicious woman.
13) In a subway, Jiyeon recorded that the woman was pickpocketing someone's wallet.
14) Jiyeon & SeungWon didn't catch the woman immediately, they followed her after that. The woman took out the wallet and give it to a man and probably her husband. The man found that the wallet has no money, he was angry and used the wallet to hit the woman.

15) SeungWon saw that, he quickly hit down the man to the ground.
16) SeungWon acted like didn't what happened in the subway. He gave back the wallet to the woman. This probably means that SeungWon has realized that he should not do things without thinking after the accident happened 10 years ago.
17) In the car, Jiyeon & SeungWon are searching new criminals. Suddenly, SeungWon saw this paper which has the picture of the helper of mobster 10 years ago that ran away. He didn't want to do this case, because he was worry about Jiyeon, and afraid that Jiyeon will realised how her father died.

18) After that day when he saw the paper, he had dream about 10 years ago, when he accidentally killed head of mobster, which is Jiyeon's father.

19) That night, Jiyeon couldn't sleep. She went beside Atjushi (SeungWon).
She said :" Uncle, you are not a bad person. I really want to catch the person that killed my father. Help me please.

20) One day, Jiyeon decided to buy a coat for Attashi.
21&22) She saw the criminal (the man), which she saw before from the paper. (She didn't know that was one of the helper of her father.)
23) She then quietly followed the man outside.

25) She was caught by the man. She then fought with the man but she lose.
26) She was then brought back to the man's criminal base.

27) The man was checking out Jiyeon's purse. He then found two pictures in her purse. One is when she was young with her father. Another one is with SeungWon.
28) The man then said :"Living for so long, I had came across with so many messy things. The one that killed your father is actually the one that you lived with. How messy is this!"

29) SeungWon then searched for Jiyeon. SeungWon successfully found Jiyeon.
30 & 31) Jiyeon realised it was him, SeungWon killed her father.

32) The man shouting Jiyeon to quickly kill SeungWon as SeungWon is one of the best detective in town. He was afraid that if he don't kill him, SeungWon will kill him one day later.
33) Jiyeon was frustrating & angry. But at last she didn't shoot Attashi, but the man on his shoulder/lower chest.

34) Police came.
35) The man (criminal) shot SeungWon. Then, they took Jiyeon away. SeungWon was left on the floor.


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